Guide to "larvae" for the squid family Loliginidae

Publication Type:Book Chapter
Year of Publication:1992
Authors:R. T. Hanlon, Boletzky, S. V., Okutani, T., Perez-Gandaras, G., Sánchez, P., C. Reis, S., Vecchione, M.
Editor:M. J. Sweeney, Roper, C. F. E., Mangold, K. M., Clarke, M. R., Boletzky, S. V.
Book Title:"Larval" and Juvenile Cephalopods: A Manual for Their Identification
Series Title:Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology No. 513
Publisher:Smithsonian Institution Press
City:Washington, D.C.
Keywords:Cephalopod, Loligo, squid
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