Life style strategies of recent cephalopods: A review

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2002
Authors:K. N. Nesis
Journal:Bulletin of Marine Science
Date Published:Sep
Type of Article:Article; Proceedings Paper
ISBN Number:0007-4977
Accession Number:WOS:000182787600001
Keywords:age, central-east Atlantic, enoploteuthidae, growth, K-SELECTION, Maturation, Oegopsida, Ommastrephidae, squid, statolith microstructure

One of the methods used to understand some important ecological traits of a poorly known species is to find its place in the ecological classification and to compare it with an ecologically similar but better studied species. To do this, a classification of life styles and ecological strategies is necessary. The investigations of USSR (later Russian and Ukrainian) scientists from the 1960s up to this time demonstrated that it is possible to develop some detailed classifications of life forms and ecological strategies based mainly on the studies of oceanic cephalopods. A review is presented of the system of general hierarchical ecological classification of life forms (Nesis, 1973, 1985), of reproductive, developmental, hunting, defensive, and behavioral strategies predominantly for Ommastrephidae, Thysanoteuthidae, Gonatidae, Onychoteuthidae and other oceanic squids and some deep-water and epipelagic octopods proposed by Arkhipkin, Laptikhovsky, Nesis, Nigmatullin, Zuev and others.

Alternate Journal:Bull. Mar. Sci.
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